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Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Foundation Launches Economic Equity Tour and Webinars to Build Stronger Communities for Today and the Future

To empower and strengthen its commitment to its employees, guests and communities, Caesars Entertainment, in conjunction with the Caesars Foundation, is launching a six-city Economic Equity Tour across the United States in 2019. In addition, Caesars will be hosting five webinar series facilitated by subject matter experts.

The tour and webinars are designed to provide meaningful and impactful education and skill development to employees, potential workforce, potential suppliers and members of the local communities in which Caesars Entertainment operates.

Studies have shown that companies and communities perform at a higher level when diverse teams exist, and all members’ input is valued. The Economic Equity Tour and webinars coincide with Caesars’ People, Planet, Play focus on impacting local economies, people, society and the environment.

“Focusing attention on areas for business and community growth and talent expansion will help us to build a stronger base of employees, suppliers and service providers,” said Gwen Migita, Social Impact and Inclusion Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer.  “Our aim is to produce better-rounded communities for today and the future.”

At each of the six tour stops and upcoming webinars, there will be workshops that will advise and provide resources in the areas of financial empowerment, workforce development, non-profit organization development, entrepreneurship and potential business opportunities with Caesars. The workshops will deliver an impactful experience within Caesars’ communities through education, awareness, collaboration and collective focus.